Thursday, December 1, 2011

Miche's Holiday Vault Promotion

For a limited Time Only  - Hidden Gifts can be yours

Until December 31, YOU can earn a secret code that will give you the combination to open Miche's Vault—it's filled with hard-to-find Shells, unavailable Shells and even some RARE SHELLS at a huge discount! BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST! This event won't last long and supplies are limited . . .



Simply purchase $100 in product (amount excludes tax, shipping & handling), either in a Party setting or my MyMiche website. Purchases must be made between December 1 and December 31, 2011.

ENTER YOUR COMBINATION CODE: Once you qualify, you will be sent a notification email containing your top-secret personal combination that allows you to "open" the Miche Holiday Vault. You will then be given the opportunity to order a special "Mystery Box" of your choice at an unbelievably low price. And Miche will ship it to you FREE!

Select from:

The Classic Mystery Box—contains three (3) Classic Shells for just $19.99
The Prima Mystery Box—contains three (3) Prima Shells for just $25.99

UNWRAP YOUR "MYSTERY BOX" AND ENJOY! Once you unlock the vault and place your order, your special Mystery Box will be on its way to you in no time.

Contents of each box are chosen at random from a selection of special Shells in more combinations than ever before, so all Shells will be a complete surprise to recipients. Whatever you get, you can be sure that your Mystery Shells will add fresh looks and style to either your collection or a gift for someone else’s Miche Collection.

TOP SECRET: These Shells make incredible gifts—and you just can't beat the price!

What will you get in your Mystery Box? Open the Miche Holiday Vault to find out . . .


(Mary's note:  The e-mail you receive will have a clickable link for you to access the vault and use your code.  Once the e-mail is received, you may immediately redeem your mystery box.)

If you would like to purchase any Miche Bag products from me, please stop by My Miche Bag website where you can shop 24/7.

Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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