Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rope Fashion Handles

Kinsley (Demi) with Rope Fashion Handles (Pewter)

A few months ago Miche introduced a set of pewter Rope Fashion Handles.  They sold out within 24 hours, and there were many disappointed customers and representatives who were not able to purchase them.   Many of us wrote and asked Miche to bring the pewter Rope Fashion Handles back.   Not only did they listen, but we will also be getting black Rope Fashion Handles too.

The photo above shows the pewter Rope Fashion Handles with the demi shell called Kinsley.  Aren't they just perfect together!!!!  I have used the 1.5" carabiners also instead of the standard 1" ones that come with this set of two handles.  Both sizes of carabiners work well with the handles.

Here's the availability dates for the Rope Fashion Handles:
Rope Fashion Handles (pewter) .... March 2012
Rope Fashion Handles (black)  ....  April 2012

These handles come in sets of two and are braided faux leather in a round rope design. 
Length:  24"
Width:  .75"
Handle Drop:  10"

These are my absolute favorite Miche handles.  They go with so many of my shells (do not work with the petite base bag).   I'm definitely ordering the black Rope Fashion Handles the minute they become available in April.

If you would like to purchase any Miche Bag products from me, please stop by My Miche Bag website where you can shop 24/7.

Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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