Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video: Which Miche Bag is Right For You? - How does the Miche Bag Work?

I've been telling so many people about Miche the last few weeks.  It is so exciting to share my passion for purses with each of you.  Everyone loves the concept of having a base bag and being able to switch out the outer "shell" to change its look.

I felt it would be beneficial to repost my video that explains each of the Miche bag sizes AND also shows how to attach the shell to the base bag.  If you are reading this via e-mail, you will need to come to my blog to view this video.

A shell will only work "IF" you also have a base bag.  You can purchase one base bag in the size of your choice, then purchase as many shells as you would like to go with that base bag.  You do NOT need to purchase a base bag with each shell.

If you should decide to purchase more than one size of bag/shell, then you do need to have a base bag for each size that you want shells for.  Sizes available are petite, classic, demi and prima.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you would like to purchase any Miche Bag products from me, please stop by My Miche Bag website where you can shop 24/7.

Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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