Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cindra Prima Shell - June 2012

This prima shell called Cindra is one of the June 2012 releases.   I am NOT recommending this shell to my customers or my blog followers.  I'm always honest when I am asked about a shell.  

I want to share my opinion with you about this shell.  Please realize this is "my opinion" and as such may not be shared by others and is NOT endorsed by Miche  This shell has numerous news articles on it.  Overall I like the design and the look, but the news articles are what is causing me NOT to recommend this shell.   The article that is printed numerous times on the shell deals with drinking on college campuses and some violent actions that can result from the drinking.  I feel this shell may offend many of you, so I want you to know upfront about it.

Miche received numerous complaints from reps across the US about this shell.   They sent us an e-mail yesterday giving the impression that it would still be released.   The design/choice of news article on the shell is not Miche's.  It is a stock design print from the manufacturer.   The bag was shown to focus groups before going into production.  The focus groups'  reactions were extremely favorable towards the shell and its design.

This shell is definitely not for everyone.   I am not saying you can't or shouldn't buy it, I am saying I would not recommend this shell if you asked my opinion about it.

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Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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