Monday, September 12, 2011

Basic Care of Your Miche Bags


The original concept of the Miche Bag was inspired by a spill. If your bag ever needs a facelift or is no longer up to par, you can replace your shell with ease. The Miche Bag was designed so that consumers could not only change the look of their bag, but could also switch out their shell if it became dirty. We realize that not all spills require the purchase of a new shell, so if your shell becomes slightly soiled, you may wipe the bag or shells with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

The Miche Bag organizer is the best way to store your shells!

*You will want to fold them over once (as they were in the original packaging) or lay them flat. Do not fold them in thirds as this will cause the material to ripple and create a gap at the bottom edge of the base.
*You will want to alternate the direction of the metal feet when stacking your shells to avoid any indentations on the adjacent shell.
*The Miche Bag is designed to expand; however, if you find the sides of your bag are losing shape, you are over stuffing your bag.

Some Miche shells are made with a material called PU, one of the characteristics of this material is the potential to transfer color from one shell to another. Always place a protective barrier such as tissue paper or fabric in between shells when stacking. These shells can also be affected by heat and humidity so make sure to store them at room temperature.

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Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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