Monday, September 26, 2011

Miche - October 2011 Releases

Today I am posting an overview of the October releases.   I will post close up photos of each this week for you.  They are NOT available until October 1st for purchase.

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There are 2 new Prima shells, 2 new Demi shells, 2 new classic shells, and 2 new petite shells to add to our wonderful selection of styles and colors for your Miche bags.  Then there will be two "Pockettes" - one in black and one in brown for the Classic bag base.  A Pockette allows you to create storage at the ends of your Classic base bag.   I absolutely LOVE the new braided rope handles in Silver.  They are shown with the Demi bag, but I'm sure they will fit with the Prima bag too.   Two wonderful new Soft Wallets - one in bronze leopard and one in red.  

I saw the Ceceila Demi shell in person at a local meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago.  All I can say is WOW .. it is gorgeous.  It reminded me of a shiny red candy apple.

Just a reminder that pricing is going up as of October 1st.  So if you have been thinking about ordering, you might want to order by the end of September to get a better price on many of our items.

If you would like to purchase any Miche Bag products from me, please stop by My Miche Bag website where you can shop 24/7.

Mary Director
Miche Bag Representative

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