Monday, September 12, 2011

How the Miche Bag Works

The following information is from My Miche website:

#1 .... Select your Miche Base Bag: we have 3 sizes for your convenience–Classic, Big Bag, & Mini Miche.

#2 ....Choose your Miche Bag Shells: We have a wide array of stylish and affordable Shells to select from–one for every occasion, outfit, and mood! So relax, take your time, and discover your inner Miche. Depending on your Base Bag, you will find just what you've been looking for in our exciting selection of Mini Miche Shells, Classic Shells and Big Bag Shells.

#3 .... Don't forget to Accessorize! You can create a truly unique look that's all your own thanks to our wide selection of stylish straps and other extras from our Accessories collection.

Shop 24/7 for you Miche Bags  ....  My Miche Bag Website.   Your perfect purse is waiting.

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